International Patients

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Planning your visit

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1. Contact our Department of Patient Care Services

For services requested by out-of-state or international patients, please contact our Department of Patient Care Services.

Department of Patient Care Services

US Toll Free: 1 866 475 6334
In Monterrey: 01 800 HSJ 2000

2. Tell us your needs.

When you call we will request a brief description of the service you require as well as some basic personal information (name, address, telephone number where you can be reached) afterwards you will be requested to complete a clinical form an provide us with important information about your visit.

3. Relevant Medical Material and Scheduling Appointments

If deemed convenient, your coordinator will request delivery of the relevant medical material (clinical trials, whether digital or on paper, x-rays and/or any other document necessary for review by the attending physician in Monterrey).

It is important that you tell us the dates you wish or need to visit us.

Our goal is to provide high quality tailored healthcare services and guaranty a pleasant stay for all of our foreign patients and their families.

Once this information is complete, the department of Patient Care Services will schedule an appointment with the adequate physician.

After the physician, appointed by the Hospital San Jose TecSalud, has reviewed the case, he shall deliver an opinion which you shall promptly receive. If applicable such opinion shall come together with a budget which includes all of the aspects for your treatment in our hospital.Please note that the aforementioned budget is only an estimate. There may be variations due to the evolution of the particular case after having started treatment.

4. How can we help?

By offering:

  • Personal assistance and support about medical treatments, services and payment methods.
  • Support in administrative procedures (admissions, discharges, transportation and pre-admissions).
  • Care and follow-up of problems and suggestions for the patient.
  • Guided tours of the Hospital.
  • Interpreter services throughout the patient's visit.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements services including hotel and transportation reservations.

At Hospital San Jose TecSalud you receive support from nurses, physicians and each and every one of our personnel. Our facilities are fully accessible and our Patient Care Services Office is always at your service. In addition, it is located in Monterrey, which is a great city for healthcare trips.

Contact our coordinators for your particular case. Our specialists will thoroughly analyze your situation and will recommend the most suitable treatment and procedure.

Some of the clinical procedures performed in our hospital and sought out by international patients are:

  • Angioplasty
  • Coronary Bypass
  • Spine Surgery
  • Plastic and bariatric surgery
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Heart Valve surgeries
  • Knee and hip replacement
  • Cancer Treatments

For your convenience, we have agreements with a great number of national and international insurance providers. To verify if your insurance company is participating, click   here.  Remember that our admissions personnel can provide orientation on insurance matters and refer you to the corresponding service department. 

5. Planning your Trip

After approval and acceptance of the budget prepared by Hospital San Jose TecSalud we can help with the planning of your trip. Everything from your departure and arrival in Monterrey, hotel recommendations and reservations, preferred rates and other exclusive benefits, to transportation and information for moving around the city for the duration of your stay. Rest assured we will do everything possible to make sure you have a relaxed and pleasant stay.

Upon arrival at our facilities we will guide you through the admissions process. Once inside the Hospital, for surgery or treatment, you are now in the best hands: the hands of our highly skilled medical and nursing personnel.

The Department of Patient Care Services is at your service for any question or need you may have throughout your stay in Monterrey. Making you feel better truly gives us great pleasure.

Arriving in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey houses an international airport ( and a central bus station which connects the whole country and a great number of international cities. Our Patient Care Services may assist you with your travel concerns. In addition, Monterrey has easy road access from anywhere in the country.

Tell us where you're coming from and we shall find the best option.

If you're visiting from abroad, we recommend contacting the corresponding authorities in order to verify the requirements for entering into Mexico.